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I've got the cure when passive protest just wont do.

Just flick my Bic as I hold it to the fuse.

Passive Protest!
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Please Read! o_o

Welcome to passiveprotest, an AFI Community. This is for fans of the band, A Fire Inside. The comm. is owned and maintained by frankee, as well as her nifty sidekick, pinup_pixie.

As for any community, we have some rules. If you are found to be disobeying, I might have to ban you, and I do not want to do that. :) We ask that members DO NOT:

1) Disrespect other members or mods.
2) Wander off topic. This is an AFI comm, please don't talk about your rad day at the mall.
3) Start flame wars with members or mods.
4) Make any teenie bopper "OHGAWD DAVEY IS TEH S3X" posts. Also wander from the subject of "Javey", as we all know Davey and Jade aren't gay.
5) Post pictures without an LJ-Cut.
6) Be boring! Have fun with it! :)

Right now, joining passiveprotest is open, so you can join right up! But once PP hits 30 members, you will have to apply to join. So hurry while joinings free and have at it! :)

Not many AFI comms hold contests do they? Well PP holds a mini contest every 2 weeks, and a major one every 2 months. The prizes for each contest vary, but minis will have small prizes, like a custom icon or such, and a major will have prizes like a custom layout or mod position. Each winner and runner up to EVERY contest will also get a spiffy banner to stick in your info to show the LJ world you won a contest at PP. :)

Each member to join gets a starting number of THREE claims. You can claim a song, video, band member, clothing artifact, quote, anything, it must relate to the band though. If you link to the comm in your userinfo, you get an extra claim. Every five people you refer (they must say who reffered them upon joining), you will get a claim. If you make an icon/link banner for the comm, you will get one claim. You may make a total of 3 graphics. SO! The overall total of claims you can acheive is 7!

PP's posts are made automatically friends only, so you have to join in to see all the action. ;) Remember, post whatever you want, pictures, graphics, stories, just as long as they are AFI related! Have fun, participate, obey the rules and....have fun! :)